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Seiji Ozawa Music Academy has now marked over 20 years since commencing with Le Nozze di Figaro in 2000. With the desire to perform live music with colleagues in some way despite this COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to convene the Music Academy Orchestra in a special formation. In addition to the usual young musicians and coaches from the Saito Kinen Orchestra, Academy alumni will return to join us for what will also be a retrospect of the Academy’s history. With our history of 20 years, an increasing number of alumni are flourishing as soloists and professional orchestra members, so I greatly look forward to this.
I am truly delighted that Mr. Miyamoto, my colleague of 30 years, has readily agreed to conduct. It is regrettable that Diego cannot come, but having Mr. Miyamoto conduct again is wonderfully fortuitous in this milestone year for the Academy.
The entire world is struggling with this ongoing pandemic, but I believe that music is truly important for the human spirit. The Academy students, my Saito Kinen colleague coaches and alumni, and staff, who have consulted infectious disease experts again and again, will grant my earnest wish for live music.
I hope that you will join me in savoring the music that is created especially because we are in this moment.

Seiji Ozawa, Director and Artistic Director of Seiji Ozawa Music Academy


Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Special Concert 2021

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  • [Date/Place]
    March 23, 2021 (Tue) 19:00
    Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

    Beethoven: “Egmont” Overture, op. 84
    Tchaikovsky: Serenade in C major, op. 48
    Beethoven: Symphony No.7 in A major, op. 92

    Artistic Director: Seiji Ozawa
    Conductor: Fumiaki Miyamoto
    Orchestra: Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Orchestra

    [Ticket Price]
    S: 5,000 yen [Sold Out]
    A: 3,000 yen [Sold Out]
    U-25: 1,500 yen [Sold Out]
    (tax included)
    *The concert will be shown on paid livestream

    Presented by:
    Seiji Ozawa Music Academy / VEROZA Japan


    • photo: Seiji Ozawa
      Artistic Director
      Seiji Ozawa
    • photo: Fumiaki Miyamoto
      Fumiaki Miyamoto
  • Orchestra Members

    《Chosen Students》
    Violin: Akari Iwasaki, Rion Udo, Sayaka Ogura, Chisato Kajihara, Nanami Shiokai, Tsukasa Tamai, Tei Tsukamoto, Kaori Tsujita
    Viola: Momoka Okada, RachelYui Mikuni
    Cello: Seohyen Kim, Mahiro Kurokawa
    Contrabass: Natsu Asami, Tomoya Takamoto
    Flute: Akiho Hata, Ayane Miyakawa
    Oboe: Tomoko Uehara, Akari Shimoyama
    Clarinet: Chiemi Se, Junnosuke Nomoto
    Bassoon: Toshiki Shiotsuka, Yuhei Hashimoto
    Horn: Shiori Kawasaki, Atsuya Senda, Keimu Miyazaki
    Trumpet: Kevin Simmons, Nanoko Tamai

    Violin: Yasushi Toyoshima
    Viola: Yoshiko Kawamoto
    Cello: Sadao Harada, Hiroyasu Yamamoto
    Contrabass: Hiroshi Ikematsu
    Oboe: Fumiaki Miyamoto
    Clarinet: Masaharu Yamamoto
    Bassoon: Masaru Yoshida
    Horn: Masayuki Naoi
    Trumpet: Osamu Takahashi
    Timpani: Satoshi Takeshima

    Violin: Kyoko Une, Rintaro Omiya, Keiko Kagesawa, Shu Shioda, Yuki Naoi, Chisako Naoe, Ryo Mikami, Masanobu Yoda, Yuzuki Watanabe
    Viola: Maiko Takimoto, Kyoko Moriguchi, Koichi Yokomizo
    Cello: Misaki Kurokawa, Dai Miyata
    Flute: Yuya Kanda
    Oboe: Mieko Takasu
    Horn: Hiroshi Kigawa
    Timpani: Takeshi Kubota


    • February 20 (Sat) 2021 TICKETS GO ON SALE
      *In accordance to Japanese Government's announcement of the state of emergency, we will cancel the pre-sales of ticket for the “Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Special Concert 2021”, initially scheduled from January 13th (wed) 2021.
      *Please be sure to read the information about our measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus before coming to the venue.
      S/5,000 yen A/3,000 yen U-25/1,500 yen (tax included)
      (U-25: Only available for those 25 years and younger. ID check at the door. One ticket per person)

    • LAWSON Ticket (L Code: 39030)
      Ticket Pia (P Code: 191-656)
      Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Ticket Service
      03-5685-0650(Operator 10:00-18:00)/Window 10:00-19:00 *Close according to venue schedule)

      1,000 yen (Tiget system fee and tax included)
      ※Recorded video is available to watch from March 25 (Thu) 12PM - March 31 (Wed) 12AM
      ※You may purchase the ticket at Tiget until March 31 (Wed) 10PM

      【How to buy ticket】 *Page opens Feb 18.

      Will be available to watch on Idagio Global Concert Hall

    • 【Inquiry】
      VEROZA Japan 03-6411-5445 (Week day 10:00~18:00)

    • NOTE:

      *To prevent the spread of infection, seating will be adequately spread apart and tickets will be sold in limited quantities (all designated seating). Tickets may be added at a later date according to circumstances.
      *Seiji Ozawa is scheduled to be involved in rehearsals and coaching as artistic director.
      *Artists and programs are subject to change without prior notice. All ticket sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges. Refunds are issued only in the case of cancellation or postponement of the performances. Please carefully review these conditions before purchasing your tickets.
      *If you cancel your visit due to the reason of Covid-19, we will refund your ticket fee. All such refunds will be handled by Seiji Ozawa Music Academy / VEROZA Japan.
      [How to apply for a refund]