We made the difficult decision to cancel performances of Die Fledermaus that were scheduled for March 2020 just as COVID-19 was starting to spread throughout the world. The Seiji Ozawa Music Academy opera will finally return this season.  This latest production will be Die Fledermaus, which was performed to great accolades in 2016. This is a highly suitable work for Academy students to study opera, and we will again use the production owned by the Metropolitan Opera of New York. Many cast members will return and join us to sing Eisenstein and other main roles under the direction of David Kneuss to reprise this glorious, entertaining opera. We have reluctantly decided not to invite students from overseas (China, Taiwan, and Korea) this time; instead, we will form the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Orchestra with young musicians chosen through auditions in Japan.  Since establishing the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy in 2000 with the support of Ken Sato (then-president of ROHM Co., Ltd.), I have been working with my trusted Saito Kinen Orchestra colleagues to teach young musicians through the production and performance of operas for over 20 years. For students, developing an opera alongside a successful world-class director and singers under the guidance of coaches will be a profound experience that greatly impacts their lives as musicians.  While implementing all possible transmission prevention measures, we will invite children from elementary schools in Kyoto again this year with the hope that they enjoy the live opera.  This project is unparalleled in the world, being both an educational project and an opportunity to immerse in the performance of world-class singers and production. I earnestly hope you will come to see the opera productions we create, as they absolutely brim with the joy and energy of music.

Seiji Ozawa, Director and Artistic Director of Seiji Ozawa Music Academy


Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Opera Project XVIII
J. Strauss Ⅱ:Die Fledermaus

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  • Tour Schedule
    March 18, 2022 (Fri) 18:30
    March 20, 2022 (Sun) 15:00
    ROHM Theatre Kyoto Main Hall

    March 24, 2022 (Thu) 15:00
    Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Main Hall

    March 27, 2022 (Sun) 15:00
    Yokosuka Arts Theatre

    Rosalinde: Ellie Dehn
    Gabriel von Eisenstein: Adrian Eröd
    Adele: Anna Christy
    Alfred: John Tessier
    Prince Orlofsky: Emily Fons
    Dr. Falke: Elliot Madore
    Frank: Dale Travis
    Dr. Blind: Jean-Paul Fouchécourt
    Ida: Eriko Kuribayashi
    Frosch: Issey Ogata

    Music Director:Seiji Ozawa
    Conductor:Diego Matheuz
    Stage Director:David Kneuss
    Set Designer:Gunther Schneider-Seimssen
    Costume Designer:Peter J. Hall
    Lighting Designs:Tatsuo Takasawa
    Choreography:Marcus Bugler
    Orchestra: Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Orchestra 
    Chorus:Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Choir
    (Chorus Master: Takuya Nemoto)
    Ballet:Tokyo City Ballet

    Presented by: Seiji Ozawa Music Academy / VEROZA Japan
    Kyoto City, ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Art Cultural Promoting Foundation) *Kyoto Performances
    Co-presented by: Rohm Music Foundation, Yokosuka Arts and Culture Foundation *Yokosuka Performance
    Sponsored by: ROHM Co., Ltd
    Sponsorship media: FM Kyoto *Kyoto Performances , Nippon Broadcasting System Inc. *Tokyo and Yokosuka performances
    In cooperation with: ANA
    Produced by: VEROZA Japan (03-6411-5445)

    Original Production: Otto Schenk
    Original Production Lighting Designer: Gil Wechsler
    This production premiered at The Metropolitan Opera on December 4, 1986.
    All scenery, properties, and costumes constructed by The Metropolitan Opera shops.


    • photo: Seiji Ozawa
      Artistic Director
      Seiji Ozawa
    • photo: Diego Matheuz
      Diego Matheuz
    • photo: David Kneuss
      David Kneuss
  • Cast

    • photo: Ellie Dehn
      Ellie Dehn
    • photo: Adrian Eröd
      Gabriel von
      Adrian Eröd
    • photo: Anna Chritsy
      Anna Chritsy
    • photo: John Tessie
      John Tessie
    • photo: Emily Fons
      Prince Orlofsky
      Emily Fons
    • photo: Elliot Madore
      Dr. Falke
      Elliot Madore
    • photo: Dale Travis
      Dale Travis
    • photo: Jean-Paul Fouchécourt
      Dr. Blind
      Jean-Paul Fouchécourt
    • photo: Eriko Kuribayashi
      Eriko Kuribayashi
    • photo: Issey Ogata
      Issey Ogata
  • Message from Issey Ogata (Frosch)

    I have a dramatic and fun memory of standing on stage for Seiji Ozawa before, at what was called the “Coming-of-Age Day Concert.” I wasn’t just standing, though—I reveled in waving the baton as the wind instruments sounded on and on. Ozawa-san flew over from stage wing, saying, “Look, that person’s face is bright red” and hastily took over as conductor to save the day.
    Frosch reminds me of a toy box. The more he overturns things, the more the audience enjoys his cheerfulness that makes him curiously lovable. So now it’s my turn to watch the baton until my face turns bright red. In a sense. Ha ha.

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Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Opera Project XVIII
J. Strauss Ⅱ:Die Fledermaus

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